Wehrmacht Sniper Training (Ausbildung von Scharfschützen), 1944


More details about German sniper schools and their development: A look inside Wehrmacht sniper school in 1944

“In summer offensives of Wehrmacht into Soviet Union, Red army snipers proved to be a constant head ache for them. They specifically targeted officers and NCOs. The Wehrmacht lacked professional snipers of it’s own but did not feel any need to form dedicated snipers units because of it’s superiority in the field, it could tackle red army’s snipers by using heavy infantry weapons like mortars and assault cannons. The speed and surprise of Blitzkrieg tactics made them stop thinking about having snipers of their own. When the tide of the war turned, only then Wehrmacht realized the importance of having snipers and started professional sniper training courses in 1943.”


WWII Wehrmacht Top Snipers

⇒ Matthäus Hetzenauer was an Austrian sniper in the 3rd Mountain Division on the Eastern Front of the World War II, who was credited with 345 kills. His longest confirmed kill was reported at 1100 metres. Hetzenauer was also a recipient of the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross. The Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross was awarded to recognise extreme battlefield bravery or successful military leadership.

⇒ Josef ‘Sepp’ Allerberger was a German sniper in the II Battalion of the 144th Gebirgsjäger Regiment of the 3rd Mountain Division on the Eastern Front, and was credited with 257 kills.

⇒ Bruno Sutkus was a Lithuanian-German sniper in the 68th Infantry Division of the German Army, on the Eastern Front of World War II, and was credited with 209 kills Every kill was recorded in an individual “sniper’s book” and had to be confirmed by at least one observer and authenticated by the battalion commander.

⇒ Friedrich Pein was a renowned Austrian sniper with the German army credited with over 200 kills on the Eastern Front between 1943 and 1945 during the Second World War.



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