Below you can see some popular and not so popular pictures from the Stalingrad battle. Some of them were new to me and their description was of great interest. They are from the great page Stalingrad Battle Data. Link below:


The Battle of Stalingrad was a significant factor that supported an Allied victory during World War Two. This was for two main reasons. The first reason is that the Battle of Stalingrad marked the end of Germany’s advances into eastern Europe and Russia. The second reason is that this battle was the first major German loss during World War II.

After the Germans lost in Stalingrad, they did not advance any farther into eastern Europe or Russia. This is because the Soviet army gained strength and spent a lot of the rest of World War II fighting the Germans to get the territory that Russia had lost back. This was significant because Germans were no longer expanding in at least one direction. Also, they were loosing territory in the same direction. So, not only did Germany stop trying to gain territory in or near Russia, they were loosing territory there. One of the leaders in the Soviet army, Georgi Zhukov, said that Germany had underestimated the Soviets and that the German “schemes had failed” (Zhukov n.d.). So, this was important to the Allied victory because Germany was being kept from taking over territory. Another reason that this battle was important is that the Battle of Stalingrad was one of the first major losses for the German army. Adolf Hitler said that “We have to hide this news from the German people” because he was afraid that it would damage the German efforts to go to war (Hitler 1942).

This first major loss was important to the Allied victory because the morale of the German army was lowered and the German army was weakened by all of the resources they used on the Battle of Stalingrad that did not help them to win. For example, Germany had to be very careful with their gas rations during that battle, and after they had retreated, they had even less than they did at the start of the battle. This would have made it easier for the Allies to win because the German opponent would be weaker and not able to travel as far. So, this is why the Battle of Stalingrad was a central component in the Allied win during World War II.


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