German mountain troops (Gebirgsjäger) advance in the Caucasus and climbing Mount Elbrus, 1942:



Swastika Flag on top of Mount Elbrus:




Gebirgsjäger Mount Elbrus

From “Hitler’s Mountain Troops: Fighting at the Extremes” by James Lucas: the Reich War Flag and the divisional flags of the 1st and 4th Mountain Divisions planted on Mt. Elbrus and the climbing party en route to the summit. On 21 August 1942, a joint 23-man team from 1st and 4th Mountain Gebirgsjäger Divisions (General der Gebirgstruppe Rudolf Konrad’s XXXXIX Mountain Army Corps), led by Hauptmann Heinz Groth and Hauptmann Max Gämmerler from each division respectively, scaled the 5,633-meter-high Mount Elbrus, the highest mountain in the Caucasus, and planted the Reich War Flag at the summit. Although an impressive feat, Hitler seemed to view the event as mere grandstanding!

The Russians didn’t reach the summit until early 1943, when a Russian special unit raised the Hammer & Sickle.




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